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GSOC 2015 - WSO2 AppFactory
- A journey begins

It’s with extreme pleasure I’m sharing that WSO2 AppFactory has made to Google summer of code for the first time. AppFactory submitted two proposals and WSO2 altogether submitted 18 proposals from eight different products.

Mentoring google summer of code was exciting ~ mifosx ~

As a former GSOC student I was able to help many students with getting onboard process for GSOC 2014. This year we had around 20 proposal submissions and 6 of them got selected.

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GSCO 2013, Contributing to mifosx project.

It was truly an amazig experience for me to become part of one of world's largest movement Mifos; fighting against poverty. I have succesfully completed two GSOC projects including Server side pagination and a caching layer for mifosx.

Towards Context-Aware Just-in-Time Information: Micro-A ctivity recognition of Everyday Objects.

I did this research with my collegue Anuruddha Hettiarachchi. Through this research we discuss the end-to-end process of micro-activity recognition of augmented everyday-objects and presents a complete performance comparison of different classifiers. This paper is published in Eighth International Conference on Industrial and information Systems.

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Detection of microfilariae in peripheral blood smears using image analysis

This paper presents an image-based technique for diagnosis of filariasis through the detection of microfilariae present in Giemsa or Hematoxylin and Eosin stained peripheral thick blood smears.